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   一、寒暄 (small talk)
  一般面试环节,都不会直接上来就问很严肃的问题啦,老外也一样,总会有一些small talk的,寒暄环节,必不可少啦。
  Darryl : Hello, Ophelia, I am  Darryl Moore. Thanks so much for coming in.   你好,Ophelia,我是 Darryl Moore。非常感谢您能来参加我们的面试。
  Ophelia:It's my pleasure, thanks so much for meeting with me. 我很荣幸,谢谢您能面试我。
  Darryl : Of course. Did you have any trouble finding the office? 客气了。 你在寻找公司地点时,有没有遇到麻烦呢?
  Ophelia: Nope. The directions on the website were great. 没有,公司网站上的地址写的很详细。
  Darryl :Good. Would you like some coffee or water before we begin?那太好了,我们正式开始前,你要喝点咖啡或水吗?
  Ophelia: I am okay, thank you. 不用了,谢谢。
  Darryl :Alright. So,to get started, why don’t you tell me a little bit about yoursefl. 好的,那么麻烦您先介绍一下你自己吧。
  Ophelia: Sure. 没问题。
  I studied at *** University   and graduated in 2010 with a Masters Degree in Toy Design.After graduation, I was hired at ***(公司名称). I've been there for the past five years and am currently the Director of Toy Production. 我就读于**大学,于2010年毕业,取得玩具设计的硕士学位。毕业以后,就职于***公司。工作了5年,现在担任玩具生产部的经理职位。
  During that time sales have grown steadily. It's been a great experience, but I've run out of room to grow with *** and I'm looking for new opportunities. I have a lot of experience leading teams in the creative process and finding new markets for the products that we create. 任职期间,玩具销量稳步增长。这段工作经历很不错,但是我感觉自己的上升空间受限。所以目前在寻找新的工作机会。在带领团队进行研发创新和寻找产品新市场方面,我有丰富的经验。
  Darryl: That's great. 太棒了。
  Darryl: (接part 1)That's great. Can you tell me how you heard about this position? 太棒了,你能告诉我你是怎么获得这个职位的吗?
  Ophelia:Of course.  I saw this position on linkedIn (其它......)当然了,我在领英上看到这个招聘信息的(也可以根据情况换成其他,可以适度扩张)
  Darryl: What attracted you to our company? 我们公司哪方面吸引了你?
  Ophelia:To be honest, what really caught my eye was your focus on growth. I was really impressed with your ambitious goals and the clear plan you have for achieving those goals. I also like the support you provide for your employees. 老实说,真正吸引我的是公司对个人成长的重视。我对贵司的宏伟目标,以及为实现这些目标所制定的条理性的计划印象深刻。同时我很欣赏你们对员工的支持。
  Darryl: You've obviously done your homework. What would you say is your greatest strength? 很显然你做了功课。你认为自己最大的优势是什么?
  Ophelia: My greatest strength is ***. I find that this is very important when I ***. 我最大的优势是***。当我***的时候,我发现它很重要。
  Darryl: That's very good. Can you tell me about your weakness? 非常棒。你能说说你有什么弱点吗?
  Ophelia: Sure.My biggest weakness is public speaking.It's something that I've spent a lot of time working on and in which I've improved a great deal. I'm very comfortable in smaller meetings with my teams. But when I present an idea or concept to a larger audience, I still experience some stage fright. At this point, I can handle these situations professionally, but I would like to be more comfort in these moments so I can really enjoy the experience of presenting, rather than just survive it. 我最大的弱点是公开演讲。但是,我花费了很多时间去研究,并且在这方面已经提升了很多。现在,在小型会议上,我可以在我的团队面前,畅所欲言。但是,在面对很多观众时,我还是会有些怯场,不敢陈述自己的想法或观点。
  Darryl: Fear of public speaking is a very common fear; I'm in the same boat on that one!  对公开演讲的恐惧是一种非常普遍的恐惧,这一点,我和你一样。
  Darryl: Where do you see yourself in five years?你的五年内的职业规划是怎样的?
  Ophelia:As I mentioned before, I'm interested  in growth. In five years I would like to be a part of a company growing its business on  a regular and consistent basis. I'd like to be in a Vice President position with a  focus on development. And while I know that would require much more public speaking, in  five years I plan on being ready for it. 如我前面提到的,我更喜欢成长。我希望五年内我能与公司业务一起成长,希望能有机会成为关注发展的VP。当然,我也知道,这样会需要更多的公众演讲,但是我相信,我已经为其做好了准备。
  Darryl: Okay, well, I have everything I need,but do you have any questions for me, about the company or the position? 好的,很好。我已经了解我我需要的问题,对于我、公司或者该岗位,你是否还有一些疑问?
  Ophelia:Yes. Imagine you're looking back on this  hiring decision in a year. The person you hired has exceeded your expectations. What  did he or she do that impressed you most?确实有一些问题。设想一下,当你一年后回望你对于这个岗位的雇佣决定时,如果此人的表现超出了你的预期,你认为他们做的哪些工作会让你印象深刻?
  Darryl:That's a great question. I think in  one year the person would have come in and spent some time learning from the team and  people that have been here a while. Then, she or he will start making changes in an  informed way. In one year I want this person's team to be a well-oiled machine. I want them to be bouncing ideas off each other, coming up with new designs and making headway into  new markets.这是个好问题。我希望这个候选人可以跟现有团队成员学习,并帮助团队做一些改变。希望一年内,这个团队可以变成一个运转良好的机器。希望他们能够彼此碰撞出新的想法,尽快设计新产品并投放市场。
  Ophelia:That's helpful. It's good to know  what the expectations are. Can you tell me about the team that I would be working with? 很有帮助,很高兴能了解您对这个岗位候选人的期待。您能介绍下我可能将要一起工作的团队情况吗?
  Darryl: Sure. I believe all of them have been with the company for over five years and know  the ropes. I would say there's a little bit of frustration currently because of our  lack of growth. This will be the third time we've brought in a new team leader in four years.当然,我相信,他们都在公司服务超过五年了,有点尴尬,因为我们现在缺少增长,这已经是我们这四年中第三次为这个团队物色新领导了。
  Ophelia:Do you know what's causing that kind  of rapid turn over?你知道导致这么高离职率的原因吗?
  Darryl:To be honest, the last three team leaders  have been hired from within the company. And sometimes it's hard to think outside the  box when you've been inside the box for awhile. We're hoping to bring in some new  ideas and energy and get our development team back on track.坦白讲,过去的三任团队领导,都是内部竞聘的,他们比较难跳出公司的现状进行思考。我们希望注入新的想法和能量,以帮助这个团队重回正轨。
  Ophelia:That makes sense. I really appreciate that you're considering me for the position. I'd love to be a part of the company achieving its goals.明白了。很感谢你考虑我作为这个岗位的候选人。我也很愿意加入公司并且帮助公司实现目标。
  Darryl:Very good.  Thanks so much for coming in, Ophelial. It's great  to meet you. I'll give you a call in the next three days.太好了。非常感谢你能来参加面试。Ophelia,很高兴认识你。我将3天内给你答复。
  Ophelia:Sounds good, I look forward to it. Thanks again.听起来不错。我很期待。再次感谢。
  Darryl:My pleasure. 不客气。
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